How to use the Rolex Easylink 5mm Comfort Extension link - A PrestigeTime.com Tutorial

One of the many genius inventions patented by Rolex is their Easylink 5mm comfort Extension link.

Here's a tutorial to explain how to use the Rolex Easylink 5mm Comfort Extension link

One thing you may or may not know is that your wrist expands and contracts with the fluctuation of humidity and temperature and Rolex realized that it's a big inconvenience for you, a busy person to have to head out to a watchmaker or jeweler every time your bracelet needs a small adjustment. In order to compensate for these climactic changes, Rolex invented a patented link system that allows you to make a quick 5mm size adjustment to your Rolex bracelet called the Easylink 5mm comfort extension link.

Click the play button on the video below to see how it works or follow the steps listed below the video.

Step 1:

Find out if your Rolex has the Easylink 5mm Comfort Extension link feature

This is one of those situations where Google is very handy. For example, if your watch is a Rolex model# 116621, you can do a cross search in Google usinf the plus sign. For example: "Rolex 116621 +Easylink 5mm comfort extension link". You will usually see is the search results if it does since the word Easylink…will be in bold text.  (see screenshot below) 

rolex easylink 5mm comfort extension link search screenshot

Step 2:

How to locate the Easylink 5mm comfort extension link

After popping open the spring loaded lever to open the buckle, you will notice that at the very end of your Rolex bracelet near the clasp there is a link that has a small groove in it with a metal bar just above it. This is the apparatus that allows you to make a change to the size of the Rolex bracelet. In the how to video tutorial we point to it with a pen if that makes it easier.

Step 3:

How to make a size change to the bracelet using Rolex's Easylink 5mm comfort extension link

To shorten the Rolex bracelet size by 5mm

Grab hold of the last link with your thumb and index finger and fold it in on itself until you see the metal bar hovering just above the groove in the Easylink extension link.

Apply pressure from the top and bottom of the clasp by pinching it from both sides until you hear a snapping sound. The snap indicated that your Rolex bracelet is now secured with the Easylink extension link in the small position. This is also shown in the how to video.

To increase the size of the Rolex bracelet by 5mm

If the Rolex bracelet already has the Easylink extension link in the small position and you want to expand the size by 5mm, simply unsnap the bar out the groove, unfold the Easylink 5mm extension link and extend the bracelet. It's that simple. This is once again pointed out in the how to video.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you enjoyed it, please share this page and the video to make it easier for others to find it. If you have any comments of questions about any of our Rolex watches, please leave them in the comments box below. Thanks again for reading and watching!


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