Hublot Big Bang UNICO World Poker Tour Review

Hublot hits the jackpot with their recent partnership WPT partnership.

Hublot plays an intelligent hand by partnering with the World Poker Tour in a high-stakes, winner-takes-all game of strategic brand placement with their Big Bang UNICO WPT Limited Edition.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO World Poker Tour Review

Hublot has been on a winning streak by putting their brand in the spotlight through collaborations with the likes of the NFL, NBA, the FIFA World Cup and other high profile brands such as Ferrari. With all luxury watch brands trying to get a piece of the action, their brand placement strategists developed partnerships with some of the best and the brightest in the field.

hublot Big Bang unico watch world poker tour leather straps

WPT president, Adam Piska is one of the most recent partners that Hublot recruited by announcing Hublot's new status as the official watch and timekeeper of the World Poker Tour and their super high roller event Alpha 8. They say the greatest negotiations is when both partners walk away feeling like the winner. It's hard to say who really won the jackpot in this deal since they both benefit tremendously.

Mr. Piska took a tour of the Hublot Manufacture in Switzerland to take in the full Hublot hands-on experience. In a meeting with Hublot's top executives, he was informed that this partnership and sponsorship has turned the WPT president into a high profile brand ambassador for the luxury Swiss watch brand.

Hublot pulled triple aces by introducing the new Big Bang UNICO limited edition that comes complete with three different color straps; red, black and gold …the colors associated with the game.

The limited and numbered edition of the watch features the WPT logo on the sapphire crystal case back and the case and matching chronograph buttons are made of Hublot's KING gold, their proprietary hue of rose gold. The watch case features classic poker iconography with the spade, heart, diamond and club and the skeleton dial gives you a clear view of the movement, the 38 jewel caliber UNICO HUB1242 which is comprised of 330 components with a huge power reserve of 72 hours. That's enough juice to last through a three day long high stakes game…. that and a few red bulls, that is.

hublot Big Bang unico watch world poker tour wooden box

Because presentation is everything, Hublot upped the ante with the limited edition Hublot reference # which come in a large black lacquered wooden box. The kicker is that it also comes along with a stunning Hublot themed poker set.

The news of this new partnership between Hublot and the high roller international poker tournament was well received by the poker community and the new partners decided to bring out the watch at the same time as the WPT Champions Cup when the winner of the game is announced.

High-stakes games attract the high-profile individuals that tend to collect luxury watches. Hublot is a brand who's marketing team always played their cards right and they continue to position the luxury watch brand amongst the best in the business bringing up the brand equity to greater heights than ever achieved. 

hublot Big Bang unico watch world poker tour leather straps


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