Once again, the famous Jaeger LeCoultre watch has a cameo in the latest Marvel film featuring Dr. Strange, Multiverse of Madness. This time, the JLC watch Dr. Strange had is an important puzzle piece in the quest for the book of Vishanti.

There have been many James Bond dive watches over the years. Here is the latest in Special Edition Seamaster watches to grace the wrist of MI-6’s top-secret agent 007.

Even with all the explosions, mind-blowing action scenes, and high-octane car chases, it would be hard to miss the expensive watches that made their way into the new Netflix film featuring Ryan Reynolds.

Rarely does a product placement catch my attention and shatter everything I have come to know about shopping for watches.

Omega salutes James Bond with yet another deadly limited edition watch.

Aside from consistently doling out dependable and magnificent watches, Rolex and Omega both share one bond; James Bond.

Marvel's superhero is not only a master mystic but he can alter time itself. What watch was Dr Strange wearing? Can you guess which luxury timepiece he chooses to wear?

The iconic blue-faced watch for the blue-eyed skilled speedster and Hollywood superstar Steve McQueen who never cracked under pressure.

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