Omega Moonwatch: A new story is revealed.

The Omega Speedmaster reveals a new side of the moon. The Dark Side of The Moon.

omega moonwatch dark side of the moon


Amidst all the moon landing controversy, the following 2 lines of transcripts are referenced from Nasa's website (for dramatic effect) the rest of the transcripts reflect how Prestige Time bloggers believe it all went down:


102:45:43 Neil Armstrong (onboard): "Shutdown"

102:45:44 Buzz Aldrin: "Okay. Engine Stop."

102:48:05 Buzz Aldrin: "I know I've been saying this every hour on the hour Neil but my Omega Speedmaster is just out of this world!  …..(Aldrin laughs to himself)
..get it? Out of this world…? Over."

102:48:32 Neil Armstrong: "Yes Buzz, I get it... Very cute. Uh…You know we are on a space mission here so it would be great if you can quit clowning around and obsessing over your Omega watch and get back to work. Over."

102:48:59 Buzz Aldrin: "Roger that. Glad you never lost your sense of humor though. I think someone back in houston filled one of my oxygen tanks with nitrus oxide. I've been pranking a few of our colleagues and I think they waited for the best moment for payback. Over."

102:49:29 Neil Armstrong: "What goes around comes around. I guess you kind of had that coming. One thing I got to say is that if our Lunar module didn't malfunction and I didn't have to leave my watch in the Lunar Module and the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch for backup, we'd both be wearing watches right about now. Over."

102:49:40 Buzz Aldrin: "At least now I can say that my Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon."

102:49:28 Neil Armstrong: "Good for your Omega watch! You forget that I was still the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. I think that makes better news headlines. Over."

102:50:18 Buzz Aldrin: "Point taken. I'll start collecting rock and soil samples. Over."

102:50:32 Neil Armstrong: "About time!"

102:50:59 Buzz Aldrin: "Speaking of which….got the time ?" (Buzz laughs hysterically to himself)"

102:51:09 Neil Armstrong: "Buzz!!!!

102:51:12 Buzz Aldrin: "Hey uh... Commander? you kind of forgot to say 'over'."

102:51:15 Neil Armstrong: "I'm serious Buzz… Focus!  ....Over."

102:51:19 Buzz Aldrin: "Fine! (Buzz is still laughing while starting the stopwatch on the Speedmaster chronograph) You kind of set me up for that one, Commander. Hey did I ever tell you that my mom's maiden name was Marion Moon? Over."

102:51:25 Neil Armstrong: "No you didn't, but one more wisecrack about your moon watch and you can ask mommy moon to call you a moon cab to take you home. Over."

102:51:49 Buzz Aldrin:"Roger that. You know I do like the sound of that, though.... 'Moonwatch'. I have a feeling that name is going to stick. Over."

102:52:02 Neil Armstrong: "Say, when you start getting enough oxygen again, maybe you can help me stick our flag into the ground. (Neil chuckles) Get it? Stick? ....Over."


While much of the above banter is satire and fictitious, Neil Armstrong's watch was actually left in the lunar module as a backup when the module malfunctioned and in turn Buzz Aldrin had the honor of wearing the first watch while walking on the moon's surface, the Omega Speedmaster, thereafter known as the Omega Moon Watch.

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