What does an over a half-million-dollar watch look like?

These are the two most fought over watchmakers in watch collecting circles. Which one is best?

Two of the top-shelf prestigious watchmakers go head-to-head in a detailed and thorough comparison where we review both brands from many angles. Shall we begin?

Two highly respected watchmakers are compared in this Patek Philippe VS Blancpain comparison article. Let’s see how they measure up against one another.

Two very famous watch brands. Both like to claim that they invented the wristwatch, but which is better, a Cartier or a Patek Philippe?

Today we review a popular Patek Philippe watch; the Aquanaut Jumbo 20th Anniversary 5168G-001. Let’s dive right in and get a close look at this beauty.

An eye-opening in-depth comparison and review of IWC VS Patek Philippe.

Let’s put two high horology brands head-to-head and see which of these two brands is the best for you.

Some watches are designed to a trend and then some others are designed to be simply timeless.

Legendary watch designer Gerald Genta has a way of doling out one iconic watch after another. Read our review of the Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar Moonphase in Stainless Steel ref # 5726/1a-001.

Get an up-close and personal look at the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Retrograde Date in 18kt Yellow Gold.

First unveiled at BaselWorld 2015, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 in rose gold took people's breath away.

There are many that would say that these are completely incomparable brands. However, the best way to phrase the question is: “Which brand is best for what?” Let’s dive in and get right to it, shall we?

Thinking of getting either a Patek or a Rolex watch? Witness as Patek Philippe goes head-to-head with Rolex in one no-joking-around watch brand comparison. Read more to find out which is best.

Witness a rare horological phenomenon where two-thirds of the "holy trinity" of watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe go head-to-head in one rear-kicking luxury watch brand comparison. Read more to find out which is best.

What does a 6 figure price tag get you from arguably the most prestigious brands in Swiss luxury watchmaking?

These two highly prestigious watchmakers go head to head in our expert comparison…but which brand makes the watch that is best for you?

Why are Patek Philippe watches so prestigious and why are they favorites amongst investors and collectors? 

Being the inventor of the wristwatch comes with great responsibilities.

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