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Ebel Watches

About Ebel Watches

Ebel watches was started in 1911. Ebel watches began in the Swiss Horological region of La Chaux-de-Fonds whichwas the birthplace of a watch brand that was uniquely comprised of a Husband and Wife team by the names of Eugene Blum and Alice Levy - who became known as the original "architects of time", the name EBEL being an acronym of their names Eugene Blum Et Levy. Eugene focused on the technical side of the business, and Alice the Aesthetics of the product design.

Who owns Ebel? The Ebel watches brand has been acquired in 2004 by the Movado Group. Are Ebel Watches still made? Yes. The company continues today in these strong traditions with many accolades from the years of continued success, with numerous celebrities being the brand ambassadors. The ranges currently include Ebel Classic Wave, Ebel Sport Classic, Ebel Discovery, Ebel Onde, Ebel Tarawa, Ebel Brasilia, Ebel Sportwave, Ebel 1911 BTR, and the Ebel Beluga.

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Ebel watches produces both mechanically powered and quartz watches for men and women as well as some sporty models that come in steel with a chronograph complication giving them a stopwatch function.

Are Ebel watches any good? Their timepieces are exquisitely made and often with elegant mother of pearl dials in either light blue or white. However, Ebel watches also produces wristwatches that have a colorful or even silver dial with a sun-ray finish. The Beluga collection, in particular, has a bezel and lug design that uses concentric diamonds on most of the models. They will often use diamond hour markers but also made a few models with Roman numerals either on a silver guilloche or mother of pearl dial.

The cases on their products are constructed with the sort of high-end materials you would expect from a luxury watchmaker with precious materials such as 18kt yellow gold and 18kt rose gold but they also manufacture watches in stainless steel with either a steel bracelet or a PVD-coated steel bracelet.