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The most trusted name in luxury watches!
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About Hermes Watches

Hermes watches began producing timepieces in Biel, Switzerland, in 1928, creating La Montre Hermès. Hermes watches are classic and elegant with a wide choice of beautiful straps. Hermes began with creating the Arceau wristwatches, and then quickly expanded to include the Clipper and Cape Cod watches. In 1997 Hermes launched the H-Hour watch, which features the famous Hermes H. and is available in stainless steel and yellow gold models. Next came the Dressage which, an automatic watch with a Manufacture Vaucher movement and can be found in stainless steel and rose gold models.

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Hermes is a family-owned business with a long history of creating beautiful leather goods, perfume, and silk scarves. Today Hermes has boutiques throughout the world and is considered one of the most popular and recognized luxury brands.

Hermes has conceived many unique collections over the years. The Hermès Heure collection, also known in English as the Hermes H Hour collection, is one of the most recognizable watches that they produce. It has a unique case shape shaped like the H from their logo. Hermès Heure watches have numerous models that come on high-end leather straps made of the luxury grade leather you have come to expect from this brand. While many Hermès Heure wristwatches use a watch band that wraps around the wrist only once, many models will use a double tour strap. The double tour straps from Hermes wrap around the wrist twice

Another fine collection is the Hermès Cape Cod collection. The watches in this collection have a unique polished, rounded pipe-shaped case. Cases are either rectangular, square, or tonneau-shaped (barrel-shaped).

Something that distinguishes the Hermès Cape Cod watch from others is that it has smooth, tubular lugs that connect to the leather strap on each end and a center tube to hold the strap in place. Hermès Cape Cod watches come with either a quartz movement or, in some instances, you can find a Hermès Cape Cod Automatic. Once you have seen a Hermès Cape Cod watch, they will be hard to miss afterward.

Another collection that shares features that are similar is the Hermes Arceau, which also uses a tubular lug design. This collection has a round-shaped watch, and its dial shows numerals that appear to be dancing around the dial clockwise. The numbers on the watch face are italicized in a way that they are leaning into one another. The Arceau collection has several variations, including the Arceau Petite Lune, which has a small moon phase window and a sub-dial with the date.

There is the Arceau Grande Lune Automatic, which has the moon phase integrated into the date sub-register at the 6 o'clock position, with the day and month appearing in two windows on top. Other models in this collection feature other interesting complications such as a Chronograph or a retrograde date.

Hermes produces watches for men and women. The Carre H, Clipper Sport, and Clipper Automatic are all great examples of men's watches.

Hermes creates some fascinating designs for the ladies too. Fine examples like the Hermes Kelly watch are a testament to this. The Kelly watch looks like a tiny padlock that is attached to a leather strap.

Hermes watches have a style that can be considered avant-garde with series such as the Hermes Kelly with its lock theme and the Hermes Medor watch collection, which resembles a hunting dog's collar. It has steel spikes on the strap and a matching watch cover that is opened by pushing on the winding crown.

The Hermes Carre H is a collection that has a smooth square case with a barenia calfskin leather strap. The guilloche dial has a design that makes use of geometrical patterns and has a unique second's hand. The in-house Hermes H1912 automatic movement powers it.

Another great Hermes automatic watch that uses a Manufacture movement is the Hermes Slim. It uses the Caliber H1950, which is an ultra-thin movement measuring at only 2.6mm thick! This collection comes with a few design variations. Some watches have a black dial and some an opaline dial. Most models in this series come on a stainless steel case, but there are a few that use an 18kt rose gold case; if you are looking for something a little higher-end, this can make for an exquisite look and comfortable wear.