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Montblanc Watch History

Montblanc watches are produced in both Le Locle and the municipality of Villeret, a Swiss area which the New York Times refers to as "a living museum of watchmaking" with some top manufactures and Swiss watchmakers calling it home.

Montblanc was always known as the leading manufacturer of world class writing instruments with fountain pens that are in a class of their own. Named after Mont Blanc, the highest mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, the company has earned a reputation for manufacturing products that that stand at the very same heights in terms of quality as their name suggests. Since introducing their line of luxury pens, Montblanc has diversified their product line into other sectors of luxury good including the Montblanc watches that you will find here. Other new products from Montblanc include fragrances, jewelry, eyewear and leather goods. Montblanc cornered a segment of the luxury good market for themselves with their line of fashionable luxury accessories.

With roots stretching back to 1858 to a manufacture in the Saint-Imier Valley village of Villeret, the history of Montblanc watches begins with a watchmaker named Charles-Yvan Robert. His first manufacture called Minerva received worldwide recognition as a one of Switzerland's most revered specialists in precision chronometry. In 1920 Minerva bore one of the first chronograph movements for wristwatches as well as mechanical stopwatches. In 1936 these calibers were able to measure time with up to one hundredth of a second. By the 1950's the Montblanc manufacture had a reputation for iconic watch designs such as the Minerva Pythagore. The Montblanc watches produced in the Villeret manufacture gain from over one hundred and fifty years of continuous experience in watchmaking and carry forward all the values that the company was founded with back in 1858.

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Montblanc watches are masterpieces in horology and chronometry and for this reason they emblazon their timepieces with the word Meisterst├╝ck. Montblanc is known for being one of the only watchmakers that create and produce all their components in-house including the balance springs, which controls the very movement of the watch. This is a craft that requires tremendous precision and intrinsic knowledge of haute horology. Their master watchmakers are fully immersed in the over 150 years of watchmaking techniques.

Montblanc created numerous innovations including the Montblanc Exo Tourbillon, the Montblanc Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique and the spectacular Montblanc Metamophosis TimeWriter 1, a watch with 567 components that mechanically transforms its dial before your very eyes with the push of a button. In more recent years, the Swiss watchmaker unveiled the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed with the Montblanc e-Strap, a Montblanc TimeWalker watch with a built-in wearable technology device in its strap which offers smart notifications and activity tracking, locator functionality and remote controls.

Today, as a way of upholding their title as specialists in chronometric functions, Montblanc holds many collections of luxury chronographs as well as other watches with complications such as perpetual calendars, moonphase, tachymeter, tourbillon and ExoTourbillon.

Montblanc is known for employing a 500 hours quality control test to simulate the lifecycle for the first year that the watch is worn. The test puts each Montblanc timepiece under the types of conditions that match the environment that the watch will face while being worn for the first year. Montblanc trademarked the white rounded star emblem as their logo which is symbolic of the white capped Mont Blanc the highest European mountain, a promise and commitment to offer the highest form of European craftsmanship.