Deployant Buckle (for leather & rubber straps)

A deployant buckle is an expanding metal buckle attached to the strap. The tail end of the strap is threaded through the buckle to fit the desired size. Once threaded, the metal buckle expands when donning or removing, and the clasp then folds over and clips closed while worn.

A deployant buckle has strong positive aspects:

1. Once the strap is correctly threaded to size, the strap should be secured safely to the buckle creating a closed circle. This will sharply reduce the risk of the watch falling while donning and removal.
2. Deployant buckles extend the life of the strap. As the strap does not need constant threading, much stress usually applied to the strap is transferred to the hinged metal deployant buckle.

For demonstration purposes only, following are a few sample diagrams of different styles of deployant buckles. As each brand has its own design, the diagrams below do not necessarily reflect the exact buckle design on the selected watch.
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