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Longines Watches
HydroConquest Collection
HydroConquest Auto Mens - 41mm
HydroConquest Auto Mens - 39mm
HydroConquest Auto Chrono - 41mm
HydroConquest Auto Chrono - 47.5mm
HydroConquest Quartz Mens - 39mm
HydroConquest Quartz Mens - 41mm
HydroConquest Quartz Chrono - 41mm
HydroConquest Quartz Ladies - 29mm
HydroConquest Quartz Mini - 25mm

Conquest Collection
Conquest Automatic Ladies - 29mm
Conquest Quartz Ladies - 29.5mm
Conquest Quartz - 35mm
Conquest Automatic Mens - 39mm
Conquest Automatic Mens - 41mm
Conquest Auto Chrono - 41mm
Conquest Quartz - 41mm
Conquest Auto Chrono - 44.5mm
Conquest Quartz Chronograph

Conquest Classic Collection
Conquest Classic Automatic - 40mm
Conquest Classic Auto Chrono - 41mm
Conquest Classic Auto Chrono Moonphase- 42mm
Conquest Classic Auto GMT - 42mm
Conquest Classic Automatic - 29mm

Admiral Collection
Admiral GMT
Admiral Automatic Chronograph
Admiral Chronograph 24 Hour

Heritage Collection
Heritage 1951
Silver Arrow
Conquest Heritage
Flagship Heritage
Expeditions Polaires Francaises
Heritage Retrograde
Heritage Chronograph
Heritage Avigation
Heritage Diver

The Sports Legend Collection
Lindbergh Atlantic Voyage Chronograph
The Legend Diver Automatic
The Weems Watch
The Saint-Imier Collection
The Saint-Imier 26mm
The Saint-Imier 30mm
The Saint-Imier 38mm
The Saint-Imier 39mm
The Saint-Imier 41mm
The Saint-Imier Chrono 41mm
The Saint-Imier 44mm

PrimaLuna Ladies Collection
PrimaLuna Quartz 23mm
PrimaLuna Quartz 26.5mm
PrimaLuna Quartz 30mm
PrimaLuna Quartz 34mm
PrimaLuna Automatic 26.5mm
PrimaLuna Automatic 30mm

The Longines Elegant Collection
Longines Elegant Automatic 25.5mm
Longines Elegant Automatic 29mm
Longines Elegant Automatic 34.5mm
Longines Elegant Automatic 37mm
Longines Elegant Automatic 39mm

La Grande Classique Collection
La Grande Classique 24mm PVD (gold-plated)
La Grande Classique 24mm 18kt Gold
La Grande Classique 24mm Two Tone
La Grande Classique 24mm Stainless Steel
La Grande Classique Quartz 29mm
La Grande Classique Quartz 33mm
La Grande Classique Auto 34mm
La Grande Classique Quartz 35mm
La Grande Classique Quartz 37mm

La Grande Classique Tonneau
La Grande Classique Tonneau - Small
La Grande Classique Tonneau - Medium
La Grande Classique Tonneau - Large

La Grande Classique Presence
La Grande Classique Presence Automatic
La Grande Classique Presence Quartz Mens
La Grande Classique Presence Quartz Ladies

DolceVita Collection
DolceVita Automatic Mens
DolceVita Quartz Mens
DolceVita Quartz Chrono - Mens
DolceVita Quartz Chrono - Mens XL
DolceVita Ladies Mid-Size
DolceVita Quartz Ladies
DolceVita Quartz Mini

Master Retrograde Collection
Master Retrograde Seconds 41mm
Master Retrograde Seconds 44mm
Master Retrograde Power Reserve 41mm
Master Retrograde Power Reserve 44mm

Master Collection
Master Automatic - 25.5mm
Master Automatic - 29mm
Master Automatic - 36mm
Master Automatic - 38.5mm
Master Automatic - 40mm
Master Automatic - 42mm
Master Automatic XXL - 47.5mm
Master Automatic Chronograph 38.5mm
Master Automatic Chronograph 40mm
Master Automatic Chronograph 42mm
Master Automatic Chronograph 44mm
Master Big Date 40mm
Master GMT
Master 24 Hours
Master Automatic Power Reserve 38mm
Master Automatic Power Reserve 42mm
Master Complications
Master Calendar Diamonds - 36mm
Master Manual Wind XXL 47.5mm
Master Avigation Automatic Chrono 40mm

Evidenza Collection
Evidenza Automatic - Mens
Evidenza Automatic Chronograph
Evidenza Auto Chrono Moonphase XL
Evidenza Auto Chrono Day/Date XL
Evidenza Moon Phase
Evidenza Power Reserve
Evidenza Big Date
Evidenza Automatic - Ladies
Evidenza Quartz - Ladies
Evidenza Chronograph - Ladies
Evidenza Quartz Mini

Flagship Collection
Flagship Automatic
Flagship Automatic Chronograph
Flagship Automatic Day Date
Flagship Quartz
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 Longines Watch History

Auguste Agassiz opened his first workshop in St. Imier in 1832, followed by his nephew Ernest Francillon opening the first factory in 1866 on fields at "es Longines". In 1880 the Longines watch brand name was registered and the winged hour glass symbol was born. Since that time Longines watches has enjoyed a very high profile being tied into various Olympic Games as well as being worn by Amelia Earhart the first woman aviator to fly from Newfoundland to Ireland. By their 169th Anniversary Longines had sold over 30 Million watches worldwide.

Today Longines offers an across-the-board choice of watches, ranging from sport watches such as the Hydroconquest collection to dress watches such as the Classique, in addition Longines offers some nice entry level complications at very reasonable prices such as the Master and the Evidenza series.

The HydroConquest Collection of watches is a sport watch with a rugged look built for daily wear. As can be seen from the name, these watches from Longines are the ultimate in diving performance, with a water resistance up to 300m. The Hydro-Conquest line includes the HydroConquest Automatic, the HydroConquest Chronograph, and a series of HydroConquest ladies watches.

The Conquest Collection of watches is sporty, yet more classy than the HydroConquest, and include the Conquest Automatic available in 2 sizes; 41mm and 39mm, the Conquest Auto Chronograph, the Conquest quartz watch available in mens, ladies, and mini sized. Some of the watches come with a stylish ceramic bezel and integrated ceramic links in the bracelet.

The GrandVitesse Collection reflects Longines ties with automobiles and racing. Everything about this series screams out speed and smoothness. This collection features the GrandVitesse Automatic Chronograph and the GrandVitesse Chronograph 24 hour which has a GMT 2nd time zone. These watches feature a Tachymeter scale on the bezel for measuring distance over time.

The Admiral Collection is a more elegant design with a casual look. The collection consists of the Admiral GMT which has a 2nd time zone with the hours marked on the bezel, the Chronograph series which is very legible and sharp looking, and finally the Admiral 24 hour dual time with a Tachymeter scale on the bezel.

The Heritage Collection of watches are vintage-style watches with an older, more classic look. The Heritage collection includes the Conquest Heritage and the Flagship Heritage which are available in steel, yellow gold, and rose gold with both standard automatic and chronographs.

The Spirit Collection includes the Spirit Automatic and the Spirit Automatic Chronograph with its distinct cushion-shaped case.

The Sports Legends Collection is made up of watches that Longines has updated throughout the years. Each one of these watches is tied in with the history of the brand as well as the history of the specific sport it was created for at a specific time in history. The Lindbergh watch, for example was created for the pilot Charles Lindbergh, who was the first to fly non-stop across the North Atlantic. The Weems watch was tied in with an officer in the US navy, and The Legend Diver Automatic watch is a tribute to the brand's commitment to marine exploration.

The PrimaLuna Collection is an elegant watch dedicated to the ladies. The PrimaLuna collection pays tribute to the moon (luna means moon in Italian). The PrimaLuna watch line is available with both quartz and automatic movements as well as in various sizes.

The La Grande Classique Collection is a more traditional style. These watches are made with a sleek and very slim look, keeping with the classic tradition. The La Grande Classique series is available in both an automatic and quartz movement for men and in quartz only for the ladies. These watches are available in various sizes and in various finishes such as all steel or two-tone.

The Dolce Vita Collection of watches is a series made in a rectangular shape with a classy design. These watches consist of: DolceVita Quartz Mens, DolceVita Quartz Chrono - Mens, DolceVita Quartz Chrono - Mens XL, DolceVita Ladies Mid-Size, DolceVita Quartz Ladies, DolceVita Quartz Mini.

The Master Collection watches are a perfect synthesis of quality and style with watches ranging from entry level automatics to more complicated features such as chronographs, retrogrades, moon phases, and 24 hours. Each watch has intricate design and texture on the dial. This watch collection includes: Master Automatic XXL - 47.5mm, Master Automatic - 42mm, Master Automatic - 38.5mm, Master Automatic - 25.5mm, Master Automatic Chronograph 44mm, Master Automatic Chronograph 40mm, Master Automatic Chronograph 38.5mm, Master Big Date 40mm, Master GMT, Master 24 Hours, Master Automatic Power Reserve 42mm, Master Automatic Power Reserve 38mm, Master Complications, Master Calendar Diamonds - 36mm, and Master Manual Wind XXL 47.5mm.

The Master Retrograde watch collection was created as an anniversary edition and is available in various precious metals. A watch with a retrograde display does not display the function in a circular fashion, as we are used to seeing. Rather, it sets out the functions in a linear manner. Instead of the hands going round in a circle, they travel along an arc, and when they get to the end, they jump back to the beginning. The Retrograde watch collection consists of: Master Retrograde Seconds 41mm, Master Retrograde Seconds 44mm, Master Retrograde Power Reserve 41mm, and Master Retrograde Power Reserve 44mm.

Also available is the Flagship Collection of watches which are more classy and the Clous de Paris Edition watches which are more sporty yet still remain elegant.
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