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Watch Size Guide
To get started
Print our convenient measuring guide: WatchGuide.pdf

Note: To view this type of document, you will need to have the free, industry standard Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to read this PDF file (If you click on the icon and the document does not open properly due to unrecognized file type, you will probably need to install this reader. To get a free, safe download from Adobe, go to Adobe's website and follow the instructions for your computer, platform and language.)

To correctly print the ruler please make sure that the print setup is set to 100% normal size with no "Fit To" options selected. You can double check the sizing by aligning the printed picture to a ruler.

How to Measure your Wrist Size
Simply print this page and cut out the ruler along the lines. Beginning with the 0cm/0in side, wrap the ruler around your wrist and mark the meeting point. Loosen & tighten to the desired fit. It is important to understand that while we can mostly get the measurement to a comfortable fit, a small tolerance must be allowed for steel bracelet watches. In case a bracelet cannot be sized to your exact measurement we will size to the next size above the provided measurement.

Bracelet Sizing Policy
  1. Bracelet sizing is provided as a courtesy at no charge by Prestige Time. We size the bracelet to fit prior to shipping based on the information you provide us. As this service is provided as a courtesy we make no guarantee or promises regarding to fit. The best way to fit a bracelet is when the watch is with you at the time of sizing. We will do our best to get it right but cannot make any promises as the wearer is not present; 9 out of 10 times we do size it correctly. Sizing by a local competent watch maker is simple & should cost $10-$20 max.
  2. As the watch belongs to you, any links we remove during the sizing process will be included in the delivery to you.
  3. Watches sized by Prestige Time will not affect the return policy.
  4. Sizing mistakes: we do apologize for any mistakes with regard to sizing, however as this is a courtesy we will not offer any refunds or compensation due to sizing errors.
  5. Sizing courtesy may be suspended at times such as peak season or if our watchmaker is on vacation. We will notify you at the time if we will be unable to size the watch.
  6. Generally, sizing requests will not delay the shipping; however, at times sizing requests may delay shipping by 1 day.
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