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Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer Watch History

Tag Heuer Watches bagan their climb to success in 1860 when Edouard Heuer sets up his first watch-making shop in the Swiss Jura Mountains. In 1869 Heuer patented his first pocket watch and in 1867 he established his first subsidiary in London. In 1883 Tag Heuer watches wins a silver medal at the International Exhibition held in Amsterdam. In 1888, Heuer's son, Jules-Edouard Heuer joins the management and the company is awarded a patent for a repeater watch with automatic chiming. In 1910 Tag Heuer enters the American market as Henri Freund and Bros. take on the distribution of their products. In 1911 the company designs and patents its first dashboard chronograph.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01

Quickly gaining a reputation for their split-second stopwatches, Tag Heuer is chosen in 1920, 1924, and 1928 as the official stopwatch of the Olympic Games. This helped to establish the brand as a sports watch. Much of the current line hold the names related to sports, such as the Aquaracer, the Professional Golf Watch, and the Monaco. In 1934, Tag Heuer takes part for the first time in the Basel Watch Making Fair. With strong advertisement in the late 1930's, the company climbs the ranks even higher. In 1945 General Eisenhower buys a Tag Heuer Chronograph and Tag watches continue to be bought and worn by elites all over the world.

Tag Heuer reveals its passion for motor racing and begins developing watches specifically related to racing. In 1958 two dashboard stopwatches are launched for sports cars to pave the way for many of their popular men's Tag Heuer wristwatches and years later the TAG ladies Formula 1 watch. In 1959, Jack Heuer establishes the American subsidiary for Tag Heuer watches. In 1964, the Tag Heuer Carrera watch is launched. 1969 brings with it the launch of the first Tag Heuer automatic chronograph watches. In 1985 the TAG watch group S.A. bought Heuer and then in 1999 sold it to French luxury conglomerate LVMH. In the years to follow, TAG Heuer strengthens their reputation by winning awards with Formula 1 as well as other sports such as professional skiing using tag watches with quartz movements. In 2001 the company introduces the Link Caliber 36, which achieves the beautiful balance of elegance in a sports chronograph and precision movement. In 2013 The new TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS is introduced and TAG Heuer watches has become the official Timekeeper of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

TAG Heuer also partnered with high profile celebrities and appointed them as their brand ambassadors. The long list includes celebrities such as the wold's most disruptive It Girl, model and actor Cara Delevigne, Hollywood's hottest Australian actor who stars in Marvel's hit Avengers films and the Thor movie, Chris Hemsworth.. Other brand ambassadors include athletes such as the three-time FIFA Ballon d’Or soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo.